I enjoy Blue Apple because everyone gets on well.

Katy Francis

Katy Francis

Susan Morris spoke to Blue Apple mainstay Katy Francis.

How long have you been involved in Blue Apple Theatre?

My first show was Captain Miserable – as a Blue Apple dancer.  Then I auditioned to join Blue Apple Theatre.  My very first role was the Mayor’s wife in The Government Inspector in 2011.  My first main role was as Ophelia in Hamlet.

And who are you playing in Around the World in 80 Days?

I am playing Princess Aouda.  It’s the fourth main part.   There is Phileas Fogg, Jean Passepartout, Inspector Fix, and Princess Aouda.

What sort of person is Princess Aouda?

She is very beautiful, intelligent, and an Indian dancer; she wears a sari like Indian people wear.  She’s nice, she’s very rich and she dances very gracefully.  

How are rehearsals going?

They’re going really well, except for some problems with people missing rehearsals.  I’m not enjoying the end because I get emotional.

Do you get nervous when you are performing?

No, I’m never nervous.  I have done a lot of acting in the past, before joining Blue Apple.  I was a wolf in The Lion in the Wardrobe and a farmer in The Wizard of Oz.

Tell me about your dancing

At the moment we are rehearsing the End Dance for Around the World.  Outside Blue Apple I do Next Steps at Eastleigh on Sundays, at The Point.

What else do you do outside Blue Apple?

I have two jobs.  I work in a care home: I go round with the coffees and teas, take supper orders, and lay out the table for the residents to have their lunch.  I work in another care home: I help there in the kitchen to peel potatoes and carrots, and I make cupcakes.  I am also an usher at the Theatre Royal Winchester: I show people their seats and sell programmes and ice creams.  

What do you enjoy about Blue Apple?

I enjoy Blue Apple because everyone gets on well, making friends, we do it all together.  I don’t like it when people fall out, it takes a while to sort out.  I’d like to do more puppetry and drumming.  I like to do new things.  I’d like to do singing again: I used to sing in the choir at school.

How would you describe Blue Apple to someone who had never heard of it?

I wouldn’t, because I don’t speak to strangers, it’s not safe.

What would you say to someone thinking about joining Blue Apple?

I will speak to a member of staff and get back to you.