He’s mostly funny and sympathetic. He makes me think of myself in real life.

Lawrie Morris

Lawrie Morris

From Tiny Tim to Hollywood? Anything's possible for Lawrie Morris - he sat down with Susan Morris to talk Shakespeare and being the centre of attention.

How long have you been coming to Blue Apple?

Six years.  The first part I played was Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol. 

How would you describe Blue Apple?

It is very good theatre and it is exciting to be there; we do shows at the Theatre Royal and the Tower and you can do lots of touring.  It’s a nice atmosphere.

What have your favourite productions been?

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Much Ado about Nothing, Hamlet.

What would you say is special about Shakespeare’s plays?

Kenneth Branagh was mostly the reason why I got into Shakespeare.  I can’t stop watching Shakespeare because it’s moving – I like the comedies, the histories and the tragedies.  In Othello, Iago wants to anger Othello to make him kill his wife, and his friend Cassio, because he is jealous.  And I like the Shakespearean actors.

Who are you playing in ‘Around the World in 80 Days’?

Jean Passepartout.  He’s a French servant to Phileas Fogg, he travels around the world with him and he sometimes does stupid things like going inside a temple with his shoes on.  He joins a circus and he saves an Indian Princess.  He hasn’t got much money.  He’s mostly funny and sympathetic. He makes me think of myself in real life.

What other characters have you played?

I enjoyed being Claudius in Hamlet.  I watched Derek Jacobi and Patrick Stewart and Alan Bates.  I could imagine being that character – sometimes in real life I have made friends with the wrong people.  He feels guilty – he is a king who has a hunger for power and control.

What have you liked most about being in Blue Apple?

Working in a big company.  I love making friends.  And I enjoyed the touring.  In 2012 I got to work with Mark Rylance and Jonathan Moore at the Globe and I said ‘Hi’ to Stephen Fry.  I like seeing famous actors.

What are your ambitions?

To meet more famous actors.  To be in a musical.  To go to Hollywood and Las Vegas.

How does it feel to be on stage?

It feels really good, being the centre of attention, with an audience just whooping, and me, and that’s about it I think.

What sort of things would you like Blue Apple to do in the future?

All the Shakespeare plays.  With long speeches, the original plays.