I break it down, scan the script, highlight the words.

Ros Davies

Ros Davies

Ros Davies has played many roles in Blue Apple shows, and this weekend she plays Inspector Fix in Around the World in Eighty Days. She spoke to Susan Morris about her time with the company.

When did you start coming to Blue Apple?

Right at the beginning: my first show was Born to be Blue.

Has it changed a lot in that time?

It’s bigger, more exciting, we’re doing more challenging plays.

Who are you playing in ‘Around the World in 80 Days’?

Inspector Fix.  He is very clever, he wants to arrest Phileas Fogg; he is quite a sneaky person, he tries to catch the robber.  I am enjoying the role, yes, it is the first time I have played a man.

What have been your favourite roles?

I was Shahrazad in Arabian Nights and Beatrice in Much Ado.  I love being different people.  I have liked all the roles.  I’m not too bothered about having a main part.

How are rehearsals going?

Pretty good; there are a lot of scenes, and dancing as well; we’re getting there, with our lines.  I’m getting there, with mine.

How do you go about learning your part?

I break it down, scan the script, highlight the words.  I have a good memory.  Before joining Blue Apple I played Martha at school in The Crucible.  That was an interesting play.

Do you get nervous on stage?

I never get nervous, not at all.  I’m looking forward to the show.

What do you like about Blue Apple?

It is very challenging – it’s exciting to act on stage and play different characters.  I like touring and seeing different theatres, what the stages are like.  The Minack was really nice, overlooking the sea.  It’s good to see friends and do different plays.  I like ‘Speaking Up’ [members’ forum] – I have been the secretary.

What other things do you do in the week?

I work as a volunteer at the Discover Centre, and I do ushering at the Theatre Royal.  I used to have another office job but it was difficult to fit round rehearsals.  At the Theatre Royal we get to see the shows.  I enjoyed Hamlet, the set was really good.  In our production of Hamlet I played the Ghost, and the players.  I like being funny.  I do practise a lot at home.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining Blue Apple?

Come and join Blue Apple, see a lot of friends, and enjoy what we are doing.  Come along and be part of it.