Captain Miserable & The Book Guardian

It’s Christmas Jim, but not as we know it...

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To his children, Jim Smith is Captain Fantastic, a hero who can sort out the Universe and still be home in time for tea. Ever since they can remember he’s read them tales from his Book of Adventures, of exploits with Super Hero, Alien and Automaton – and his never-ending battle with Captain Death.

But, lately, Jim hasn’t been going out much and Captain Fantastic doesn’t get talked about anymore. Now, on Christmas Eve, Jim is more like Captain Miserable and things are shaping up for the worst Christmas ever.

That is, unless something unexpected happens…

Following the enormous success of last year’s ‘A Blue Apple Christmas Carol’, the company return with a brand new festive delight. Written by Will Jessop, directed by Peter Clerke, designed by Su Houser with choreography by Jo Harris (all fresh from the company’s recent Midsummer Night’s Dream) Captain Miserable is an epic tale of adventure, danger and surprising revelations.

Featuring the remarkable talents of Blue Apple’s full company this is truly where Christmas begins.

The challenge of producing a brand new show is always enormous

Working, or adapting, from an extant text/storyline, has its own particular problems. But, generally, you are working with something that has been tried and tested, to some extent, by others. With Captain Miserable we decided to start from nothing.

We’ve tried to create something that sits within the tradition of a ‘Christmas show’; something that celebrates the values of community and understanding that intrinsically defines our humanity; something that reflects both the passing of the old and the coming of the new.

It’s a wonderful thing with Blue Apple, where the excitement of the challenge always outweighs the risk of potential failure. There is an incredibly courageous atmosphere within the whole company, with people prepared to put themselves on the line and take risks that many, many other people would not dare to take.

It has been a great pleasure to work with each and every one of Blue Apple in creating this show.
I very much hope that you enjoy it; and that it is the start of a very happy and joyous celebration of Christmas and the beginning of a New Year.

Peter Clerke
Artistic Director

Cast & Crew

Tommy Jessop - Jim Smith / Captain Miserable
Anna Brisbane - Joy Smith
Lawrie Morris - Felix
Ros Davies - Dolly
James Elsworthy - Super Hero
Daniel Austin - Automaton
Lucy Parrott - Alien Spy
James Smith - The Book Guardian
Shane Nickisson - Wizard Herbert
Clare Crombie - Angel 1
James Benfield - Angel 2
Andrew Malster - Conductor
Lisa Collins - Carol Singer
Alice Peck - Carol Singer
Amy Britt - Carol Singer
Chris Pearce - Carol Singer
Simon Harvey - Barrel of Laughs
Neil White - The Scare Bear
Andy Cogan - Ray of Sunshine
Susan Dingle - Brenda
Polly Troup - Hilda
Terry Thompson - Scooter
Elena Moody - The Sergeant Majorette
Emma Rabjohn - Norma
Jason Kidd - Nigel
Jocey Kirby - Maud
Katie Francis - Mavis
Jerome Cross - Tiger

Inside 7th Heaven - Alice, Amy, Andrew, Andy, Chris, Clare, Daniel, Elena, Emma, James B., James E., James S., Jason, Jerome, Jocey, Katie, Lisa, Lucy, Neil, Polly, Shane, Simon, Susan, Terry.

The Dance of Captain Miserable’s Wild and Disordered Imagination - James E., Katie, Lawrie, Shane, Tommy.

Direction - Peter Clerke
Writer - Will Jessop
Design - Su Houser
Choreographer - Jo Harris
Singing - Susan Morris
Production Manager - Simon Plumridge
Technical Manager - David Wallace
Stage Management - Louise Sarton / Rachel Osborne
Costume - Maryanna Rann
Lighting Design - Mark Dymock
Print Design - Richard Williams



Wednesday 8th - Saturday 11th December 2010 7.30pm
The Tower Arts Centre, Winchester