Blue Apple runs a dance programme that are designed to be a fun and creative means of developing fitness and self-expression.

"Dance helps to develop creativity, confidence and mobility. It’s also a great way to engage in exercise and is lots of fun!”

Some of us are natural dancers, but have not had the discipline of dancing with others in a routine before. Many have only danced to pop music and some are too shy to have done much of that. At Blue Apple we began by learning to be aware of others in the dance group, to move in time with each other, to react and respond, learn and remember a routine.

Through dance people with differing degrees of mobility have to think about timing and moving together, being aware of where each person is, responding to music and remembering a simple routine which may involve working in a circle, in pairs or as part of a large choreographed group. People who have never danced before appear delighted with their achievement.

We develop our dance experience in many ways. Some of us dance because we just love dancing and music and want to get fit. Some dance to help tell the story in our main shows and others tour commissioned dance performances locally and nationally.

Please see our timetable for the current dance sessions we offer, or contact us to express an interest.