Special Assignments Company

The Special Assignment Company was created as a response to Blue Apple’s ever growing ‘waiting list.’ After initial workshops, conversations began with the University of Winchester and the SAC was born.  The idea was that the company would be formed with University students working alongside people with learning disabilities; all with equal status.

Over the past few years the SAC have performed at Theatre Royal as part of the Mayor’s charity gala with their melodrama Family on the Frontline; a hugely successful appearance as walkabout tourists, The MisTrips, as part of Hat Fair, Door 8 at P&G Wells Bookshop, Winchester, as part of The Woolly Hat Fair’s Advent Calendar project, A Christmas Cornucopia and, most recently, 4 Calling Birds, which took place at Hillier's Garden Centre and The Tower alongside the main company's production of It's A Wonderful Life.